Good Morning Families,

I trust you were able to spend a pleasant day with your family as we have been remembering those who made great sacrifices for us. I have created a video for the children to enjoy about this topic. I encourage you to take the opportunity to watch a few of the links below to enhance the learning experience for your children over the course of the week.
If they have someone in their family or neighborhood that is or was a service member encourage them to say thank you in some form for their sacrifice.
As we are slowly enjoying more warm weather it will be exciting to see the things we find to do outdoors. I thought this week we might look for something on our walk that we can share at our Group Zoom. A stone, flowers, leaves and even a picture of an animal we may have come across. Let’s be detectives and see if we can find something special to remember our walk.
If you find a nice rock you can bring it home and decorate it!
Teacher Octavia
Memorial Day
Flag Song
Memorial Day Surprise