Hello Redbud Families!


Teacher Message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SZJOPbWC14


In today’s video, I demonstrate a two-part art project.  To do it at home, first, invite your child to make a drawing with oil pastels or crayons.  When they are finished, they can paint over their marks with watercolor paints.  If you don’t have paints at home, try coloring over the oil pastel with a broad marker to see what happens.


Art as a Learning Process


Sometimes our culture draws a distinction between creative activities, like art, and  learning.  It can be helpful to remember that art is a rich learning process that involves multiple learning areas, for example:


Emotional learning: self-expression, a way for children to discover and share their inner world; many people also find making art something that helps them feel centered

Thinking: Decision making, problem solving, perspective-taking

Literacy: Creating representations; beginning to tell stories while/through making art

Math: Following a sequence of steps; exploring form, shape, size, dimension, space

Science: discovering cause and effect, predicting what will happen, observing

Physical: developing fine motor skills and the ability to use tools purposefully; gaining skills which will eventually help the child in learning to write


I hope your family is finding opportunities to engage in making art together!