Hello families!


  • Child Psychologist Dr. Stephen Glazier will be leading a webinar on practical parenting during COVID on Monday, May 4th at 8pm, and will include a talk for 45 minutes before Dr. Glazier opens up for questions. If you cannot attend, the webinar will also be taped. You can email Naima if you are interested in attending, and send her any pressing questions you would like Dr. Glazier to address during his talk. We highly encourage families to attend!

  • Today is the Spring Jubilee! Watch the Spring Jubilee Singalong here.

  • It’s May Day today! In some countries May Day is a public holiday modeled on Labor Day in the United States. Led by unions, May Day celebrations include events focused on the contributions of labor to society and on issues important to workers and labor unions. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, many workers are going on strike to push employers to supply necessary protections like sick leave, hazard pay, and appropriate cleaning. Today workers from Amazon, Target, Whole Foods, and Instacart are asking buyers to hold their purchases until tomorrow, in honor of these workers. Click, Clack, MOO: Cows That Type is a book that introduces the concept of going on strike in a kid-friendly way. Here’s a read aloud of it on Youtube.

  • See you at the full class Friday Zoom meeting today! The Zoom info is in the signature below this email!

Activity: Choose an item in your home or kitchen and talk with your child about where it came from. Did you go to the store to buy it? Who brought it to the store? Did a cashier help you pay for it? Did it grow somewhere first? Who picked it out of the ground? Like reading the names of authors out loud before reading books, this practice can encourage Oaksters to notice how books, foods, and products are made by people who are making specific choices—something they can do too!


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