Hello Families!

News: It has been great seeing people in Zoom calls! Similar to teaching, being in so many of these calls has given us a bit of the bird’s eye view on how these calls often go. Friends are showing teachers toys, asking about school, reading books, and showing moves! Children are also having hard feelings about the video starting, hard feelings about the video ending, or a desire not to be a part of the call. These are all allowed! Please know no one, including you and your child, are doing this wrong. It really is an opportunity for us to check in, and if that is touch and go with your child, that’s exactly where they need to be. While we are happy to try and coax them with puppets and songs, we encourage you to see this as an invitation to play. During a time with so much pressure, we hope these meetings are relief to you, rather than another thing to pile on!


Video of the day from Teacher Maddie: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Song on Ukulele


Link to coloring book versions of activist posters by Ricardo Levins Morales (adapted by Tori Hong):

We rarely give coloring pages at school, but during this time, it can be fun to look at the pictures and have something that you can both look at and color on. We have been thinking about “tries” and this might be a fun opportunity to do several “tries” on one picture, returning to it again with a different color or in a different setting.


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