Hello families!

News: We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the protests that are ongoing.

We especially want to lift up Black parents and families during this time. As we navigate this amidst a global pandemic, we hope to continue supporting you all. Teacher Katelyn has started a workshop group for parents to practice talking about police violence with children. If you want to join or have another question or concern please reach out.

Patterns Week 4:

Focus for the week: Singing pattern songs and drawing children’s attention to the repeated refrain. Build patterns out of materials while children observe/help.  Talk aloud about what you are doing using the word pattern.

Activity: Sing pattern songs with your child, such as “Who can do what I do?” For that particular song, you can also model how the repetition of components makes up a pattern, through the movements that you do (ex: “clap, pat your knees, clap, pat your knees, clap…”)

Video: Teacher Katelyn will be using animal sounds to make a pattern with sound. Katelyn will pick an “A” sound, and a “B” sound, making a pattern of As and Bs to sing together!


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