Hello families!

News: Check out this online resource to stream children’s content via your library card! You can also access four movies that aren’t for children a month! https://www.kanopy.com/kids

Patterns Week 3:

Focus for the week: 

  • Providing opportunities for children to group items into two sets (separating the blue bears and the red bears or small squares and large squares). With these sets, using measuring and data skills to observe and compare sets of objects (the yellow stack is taller than the blue stack).

Activity: Sorting your laundry offers plenty of opportunities to sort by various attributes. Your child can join you by helping to sort shirts from pants, different colors, clothes that belong to different members of your family, etc. This type of activity also serves to model to your child how sorting, categorizing and patterning are parts of your everyday routines.

Video: In today’s video, Teacher Alex separates their socks into light and dark colors: https://youtu.be/Lhj-fk-DwLE