Hello families!

News: Yesterday Philly Sanitation Workers held a rally at love park to demand PPE and hazard play, along with other demands for city workers. Here is their petition!

Because kids see sanitation workers in their neighborhood, this is a great opportunity to notice their work and talk about how they are protesting to be safer at work. You can notice that even though they are home from school to be safe, some people are still going to work (they might also have people in their households that are doing this). You can talk about how they are doing this so that too much trash does not build up in homes (that’s a pattern!) While systemic inequities underlie all of this, this is an example that they can relate to in their daily life.

Patterns Week 5: Focus for the week: Repeating a pattern to show change over time, accumulation (for example, growing plants, de-stringing beans).

Activity: Collecting materials and ordering them can be a way to think about patterns. When we find a stick, then a leaf, then a stick, then a leaf, that’s a pattern! By putting them all in the same bowl, you can notice how they fill up the bowl together. You can then do a sorting activity when it’s all filled up!

Video: Teacher Alex is staying up in Maine! They make a pattern by collecting flowers and leaves. https://youtu.be/tx0dc_ZPU78


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