Hello Forest Friends Fam,
Magnolia Forest Friends had been talking a lot about robots. We talked about real robots and pretend robots from movies and TV shows. (transformers anyone?) Below is a book reading, robot making project, and idea for a robot dance party that can be done by all ages.
  • Cardboard cut into different shapes (cereal boxes work great)
  • tape
  • glue
  • markers
  • tinfoil
  • scissors
  • crayons
  • whatever you got!
There is no wrong way to make a robot. Your child can pick a piece of cardboard for the head, body, legs, and arms. They can choose if they want to use glue or tape to connect the different pieces together. If you have tinfoil or soda caps they are great things to glue on. Markers or Crayons can be used to make a face and control buttons.
A literacy connection to building robots is having you or your child write words for the different control buttons on the robot. (jump, spin around, rocket blast, etc.) ‘On’ and ‘off’ are two early sight words that can be buttons on the robot. Also make sure the robot has a name. Once the robot is done then you and your child can have fun pressing the different command buttons and see what the robot does.
I would love to see all the different robot creations. Send me a picture of your robot and let me know what your robot can do.
Time for a robot freeze dance party! Play some music and have everyone dance like robots. One person calls out ‘power off’ and then everyone has to shut down until ‘power on’ is called out.
Robot Parade by They Might Be Giants is a great song to dance to.
Well wishes to everyone,
Teacher 01011010 01100001 01100011 01101000 (Zach)