Hope this email finds you well, with the grey weather outside, it is a great time to be gentle with yourselves. You’re doing great! A reminder this is a national emergency, not a voluntary experiment in homeschooling. Do whatever makes sense for your family, and please reach out for support and we will do our best to provide it.

Here are today’s resources:


  • Zoom Call: Thanks for the responses we’ve received so far! We are so excited to talk. Once again, anyone who is available at noon on Friday 3/20 for an Oak video call with us is welcome to join! Just reply to this email and let us know you’re available and we will invite you via email on the day of. On your phone you will need to download the Zoom app, and on your computer you should be able to access via browser.



  • Early Childhood Resources for Philadelphians (via a friend of Teacher Katelyn’s, who’s a preschool teacher at Southwark in South Philly): ECE resources


  • Today’s Activities:
    • Whatever you have plus playdough: Playdough is a great addition to a favorite toy, hide small toys in a ball of playdough or make a “muddy” road for cars and trucks! Let us know what your kids are playing with at home so we can help brainstorm
    • Naughty Butterflies: This is a game we often play during gross motor time in our classroom. It can just be a silly game or useful tool to help children get on board with non preferred tasks. The basic idea is you use exaggerated body language (so they know you’re joking)  saying “Ok Naughty Butterflies, whatever you do, do NOT pick up the toys!!”, they will usually giggle and begin doing the thing you’ve asked them not to. Continue “Oh no! I wanted to do that all by myself. Ok fine, but don’t turn into cats!” etc.


Reminder that you can join the CCS slack page to stay connected with each other!


Until Tomorrow,


Oak Teachers