Good morning Juneberries!

Today’s morning meeting involves moving and stretching your body!
Set up:
Find enough space for you and your adults to stretch in one place, and then move around the room a bit!
Adults- you may want to find a pillow to sit on if you’re joining your kids, and a mat or blanket or something squishy for under your knees.  (Of course, everyone do what feels comfortable to your own body!)
It can be nice for kids to have a small mat or something to sit on as well, just to feel a sense of containment in space for the first part of the routine.
Continued Activities:
  • Can you move like some of your favorite animals?  Or a very interesting animal?
  • Come up with a list, and pick one to start
  • Think about how fast or slow the animal moves…  Is it tall or short, heavy or light?  Does it fly or crawl?  Does it move in different ways when it is just going some place for fun, and when it is eating or looking for something?
  • Do a dance like that animal, and send us a picture or a video!