Hi, Redbud Families!

We hope you’re still holding up well out there. We’re missing the Redbuds, while also feeling grateful for our community and the technology that lets us stay connected as we learn to practice responsible social distancing.
Teacher Message:
In today’s message, I read Red Bug, Red Bug, Who Do You See?, a book featuring Redbud kids and teachers. We read it in class a while back, so it will be familiar to many of your children, but this is the latest edition with all of our newest Redbuds! I’m also attaching a pdf of the book so you can print a copy or view it on a screen if you like. (FYI, our 5-day kids are on pages 3-11, 2-day kids are on pages 12-18, and 3-day kids are on pages 19-25.)
Some ideas for activities to try at home with your Redbud:
1. Another movement song, with a math twist—go on a shape hunt around the house or outside, and sing about it to the tune of “We’re Going On a Lion Hunt.” For example, “We’re going on a circle hunt / We’re going to find a big one / We’re not scared…” Many Redbuds enjoy pretending to swim through the lake, or putting on imaginary boots to squish through the mud. See how many shapes you can find together!
2. Make a musical instrument with whatever materials you have on hand. A few ideas to help you get started: What can you put in a container to make a shaker? Rubberbands stretched over a hole in a cardboard box make great string instruments… and your Redbud already knows that almost anything can be a drum!
If you try this one, we would love to see a photo or video of your kiddo with their creation, and we’ll share it with the rest of the class.
Take care, y’all.
-Seth for Team Redbud