Hello Forest Families!

Teacher Madeleine here! Hope everyone is hanging in there <3
Today I have an activity to continue our habitat theme from Forest Friends.
We’ve also had a LOT of cooped up energy, and have been going on walks around the neighborhood. This activity might not feel right for everyone, and it can be modified for looking out of windows, or a yard if you have one! If walking around outside feels right for your family, you can look for different color flowers blooming! Lulu and I saw flowers that were blue, purple, pink, white, yellow, and orange. In Forest Friends, we’ve been talking about how plants and flowers are alive and growing, just like us, and we want to take care of them. They best way to take care of them is to not pick them! Lulu and I saw so many beautiful flowers we wanted to take home, but instead we took care of them by admiring them, taking pictures, and letting them stay growing in the ground. When we got home, we painted pictures of them with watercolors to remember how beautiful they were. With your kiddos, notice the environment around you and how you take care of it–do you have houseplants you water? Daffodils growing on your block? Do you have pets that need to be taken care of?
Hope these activities can meet you where you’re at, and everyone is taking care of themselves. It is okay to do none of these things, and just try to be okay and together right now. I miss each of your kiddos tremendously, and if anyone wants to do a facetime date with Teacher Madeleine, please reach out to me! Hang in there folks.
Much love,