Hello Forest Friends Fam,

Here I am singing Howdi Do by Woody Guthrie. Here are the lyrics so you can sing along at home. I like singing the chorus really fast and really slow. You can think about all the different ways people say hello to one another.
Rainbow Hunters
People all over Philly are putting rainbows in their windows for kids to look for while going for a walk.  There is a map of where to find some rainbows in your neighborhood. Before you start looking for rainbows, you can make your own rainbow to hang outside your house.
You can use markers, crayons, paint, colored pencils, or even make a rainbow collage. Once done find a good spot to hang it, so people can see it form the sidewalk. Make sure to fill out this form with your address to have your rainbow added to the map.
Math Connection
Before you head out to go looking for rainbows grab a clipboard, some paper, and a marker. When your child finds a rainbow you or your child can make a tally mark. You can then count how many rainbows you found and write down the number. You can also keep track of how many you found walk away form home and then how many on the way back. Did you find more or less on the way home? If you go looking on different days you can compare if you found more on one day or the other.
Literacy Connection
If you are able to print out the map you can bring it with you and point out some of the street names that have rainbows on them. “Okay we are looking for a street that starts with the letter ‘L’.”  If you can’t print out the map you can still point out street sign as ask questions about them. “What letter does rainbow start with? Does this street name have the letter ‘R’ in it?”  “Can you find a street name the starts with the same letter as your name?”
Happy Rainbow Hunting
Teacher Zach