Hello Families!

Today’s Video:Teacher Katelyn reads more from At Home With Maisy.

Today’s Activities: 

  • Painting and glue: Many kids are prolific artmakers. While putting some up in a gallery or giving it to family, you may find yourself with a lot leftover. A fun activity can be using this extra art for collage making. Kids can practice with scissors cutting the art up, or ripping it into pieces. Then, they can use glue to paste it onto another sheet of paper. In the Oak Room, we’ve used bowls of glue but not gluesticks, so depending on what you have there may be a little teaching required!


  • Hide and Seek: Hide and seek was a popular game we played in the Common Room during Oak! An adult will likely have to be the seeker or at least help with seeking. This game incorporates math (rote counting up to 10, 15, or 20!), problem solving and physical regulation.


Looking forward to seeing many of you at noon!


Oak teachers