Here’s a video describing what to do with your art supply baggies, including some helpful hints and strategies for having patience and dealing with frustrations:
Crowns for Graduation
You may use the pipe cleaners, beads, cardboard triangles with holes, and anything else you find in your house to make a crown for our final gathering to celebrate the Juneberry year!
1) Decorate with markers, pencils, paint, paper and glue… anything you’ve got that’s flat!
2) Address to CCS; 1212 S. 47th St. Phila, PA 19143

3) Place a stamp in the square and put in the mail
4)Draw a stamp and hand deliver your postcard.  Tie it to the banner that will be hanging on the outside of the CCS gate starting Monday morning.  (Make sure to practice safe distancing if you see others there when you arrive!)  We’ll be taking the banner in on days that have some rain.