Good Morning!

We hope your week at home is starting out well.  The Juneberry Teachers are going to send daily activities for JB kids and caregivers to enjoy together.  Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to create useable activities for your specific situation (if your kids are with another caregiver and you need xyz kind of format or activity….)
Morning Message Video attached (It says it’s Monday -oops!- because Teacher Lee made it yesterday and couldn’t figure out how to send it then.)
Activities for Today!
Activities with the letter J:
  • Can you make a J with your hand?
  • Can you make a J with your whole body?  How about with the help of a sibling or caregiver?
  • Take pictures of your hand or body J’s and send them to us!
  • Today you can look for things that start with J in your house or on your walks, and if you’d like – take or draw pictures of those too!  Juice, Jelly, Jogger….  see what you find!
Looking for Jupiter or other Planets in the sky:
  • Planets look like other stars in the sky, they are just a bit bigger and brighter…  if the sky gets less foggy today or other days this week, see if you can spot a planet in the sky!
Enjoy, and be in touch!
Teacher Octavia & Teacher Lee