Hello Forest Friends Fam,

Today Teacher Eliza and I are working on a postcard project for us all to keep in touch through art making. We are calling it Pen Pal Club! We hope that this will start up a correspondence between teachers and students through a medium that will allow us to share how we are and what we are up to.This first round of postcards will be cute animal themed, because we all need a little cuteness in our lives right now! Feel free to go off theme, or indulge and fully immerse your postcard will your family’s favorite animals.

This activity should work for children of all ages, but will definitely require more parent involvement for Redbuds and Oaksters, especially when it comes to writing messages on the back.

We will be sending these out over the course of the week, so please begin to collect your collage materials and be on the lookout for our postcards in the mail!

Materials Needed

Postcard paper (a blank one will be sent out with ours)

magazine clippings

construction paper





whatever you got!

There is no right or wrong material to use on these collages! The whole point of making a collage is using the materials at your disposal and seeing how those materials interact with each other.

Parent Involvement: After your child is done creating the collage on the back of the card, you can talk with them about what they would like you to write to us.

Here are some suggested conversation starters while making your postcards.

  • What special thing were you able to do today?
  • What is something you have learned that excites you recently?
  • What is something you have made that you would like to share with your teachers?
  • Is there any new stories you would like to share with us? Pretend or real?

Also, encourage your child to write their name or perhaps the first letter of their name at the bottom!

Please mail them to:

Children’s Community School

1212 s47th st

Philadelphia, PA 19143

Sending you all well wishes!

Forest Friends Teachers Alicia & Eliza