Today’s teacher message for Redbud kids can be viewed on YouTube here In it, I talk about how it’s a little sad that we are apart, but there are still many, many things that we can still do while we wait to see each other again. I also sing Nibble, Nibble, Nibble, one of our most beloved Redbud songs. For this and more Redbud and CCS-specific songs to listen to with your little one, check out our Soundcloud here.
Some activities that you can do with your Redbud kid today:
  • You can extend our Redbud curricular focus on music to your home! One thing that we love doing together as a class is have dance parties together to all kinds of music: classical, afrobeat, disco, etc. Choose a musical genre and get hopping! This is a fun way to exercise, get some endorphins moving, and continue a dear Redbud practice.
  • Per our mathematics curriculum, we have been making patterns with our bodies! See how many different patterns you can come up with: alternate between patting your lap and clapping your hands; reach your arms as high as you can, then touch your toes; hop one time, then spin around one time; etc. The possibilities are endless! If you’d like to take this activity an extra step, see if you can do your body pattern in time with music!
  • Redbuds by-and-large are starting to notice shapes and color more frequently. While reading a story, see if you can spot any familiar shapes, or name any favorite colors!
Lastly, a tip for you, our Redbud adults: please, by all means, make sure that you are doing your best to take care of yourselves. It can be easy for caregivers to focus on the subjects of their care without turning enough of that attention to themselves, and this is a time when we all need care. Even if it’s one little thing, like wearing your favorite pants, or checking on the progress of a blooming tree on your block, there are many ways to make sure we’re keeping ourselves sound. And if you have energy left over to expand your care network beyond yourselves and your family, please consider doing so. Get in touch with a neighbor and just check in. See if your block captain is organizing a mutual aid system. Find a phone campaign to join to remind institutional and political leaders to protect those who are the most vulnerable at this time: the incarcerated, detainees, service industry workers, artists and event workers. As unsettling a time as this is, finding a purpose to focus on can be stabilizing.
Holding you all in love and light, everyone. See you next time!
-Naima for Team Redbud