Again, thank you all for your responses to our note yesterday. It means a lot to us to hear from you and your kiddo!


Today’s Video: Teacher Katelyn reads At Home With Maisy 🙂


Today’s activities:

  • Freeze dance: Put on any song that your child enjoys dancing to, and start a freeze dance game! Every time you pause the song, say “freeze!” and you and your kiddo can try to stay as still as possible. If they have the hang of it you can also give different prompts for the freezes; for example, freeze in a wide shape, a tiny shape, touching something in the room, holding hands, etc.

  • Drawing activity: A way to take drawing further with your child is to trace the letters in their name on their paper, and see how they respond in their mark-making! You can also talk about the letters you trace in terms of the shapes that compose them (ex: O is a big circle! And T is two lines, one that goes down and one on top that goes left to right!)


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