Good Morning Juneberries

We are so glad we have finally made it to Spring. It has been an uphill journey in many ways but we are strong and committed so each day simply provides opportunities to show how resilient we are. We have truly missed seeing all of you over the last week and cherish every picture of the children participating in activities with you. We know some days are really difficult to get through but you are making it through each day with triumph.  I have attached today’s Lesson and hope each of you and your children know how wonderful you are and how proud I am to be a Juneberry teacher.
After listening to the lesson here are a few things you might do together;
1. Sing the Planet Song for Kids
2.  Make a flag to show your pride
3. Put on your Space Helmet (pretend if you don’t have one) and space boots so you can go plant your flag to show your pride!(boots are great pretend space boots)
4. What happens when the wind blows on your flag?
5. How many stars are on your flag?