We hope you’re still holding up well out there. We’re missing the Redbuds, while also feeling grateful for our community and the technology that lets us stay connected as we learn to practice responsible social distancing.
In today’s message I read Baby Beluga, a Redbud favorite.
Some ideas for activities to try at home with your Redbud:
1. A favorite activity that gets kids moving and imaginations flying is playing in boxes. If you have any extra boxes around your house give them to your kids, along with markers (or paint if you don’t mind cleaning it up), and let them create their own stories.  We often play with and in boxes in the common room, at home you can do it almost anywhere including the backyard on nice days.
2. Put on some favorite music and pull out drawing paper and crayons/markers.  Spend some time listening and drawing what you hear, using colors, shapes, lines, dots and crayon strokes to represent the instrumental sounds and musical moods you hear. As you draw, talk about why you’re choosing different colors to represent different sounds, like the color orange for a happy.
If you try these ideas, we would love to see a photo or video of your kiddo with their creation, and we’ll share it with the rest of the class.
Take care,
-Tyler for Team Redbud