Hello families!

News: A reminder to mail your child’s flower art in to CCS if you would like! Stephanie will create a collage that families will be able to see whenever we reopen. 

Patterns Week 1: 

Focuses for the week: 

  • Using descriptive language with children, exposing them to words describing size, shape, color, weight, texture, flavor, etc. 

  • Skill we will be focusing on this week: Sorting by single attribute

Activity: Sorting clothing! Socks are a great place to notice multiple attributes. We have been thinking of one aspect, like size, color, or shape. With socks, all our powers unite to think about all these aspects and how they combine to make a matching sock!

Today’s Video: Today on our Zoom call Teacher Maddie will be sorting socks! Tune in at noon, the meeting ID and password and in our email signature.


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