Hello families!

Link to Youtube Playlist (All Videos): Here is a link to our growing playlist with teacher-led videos. Youtube has some pretty strict policies around ‘saving’ videos that are made for kids, so these videos will be easier to access here. Let us know if you have any technical difficulties!

Today’s Video: Teacher Alex leads a paint mixing meeting!

Today’s activities: 

  • Outdoor Painting: Teacher Alex’s painting video is a great way to do some painting today. We recommend setting up outside if you have room, that way if you get messy it’s easier clean up. You can prop a piece of cardboard against a fence or on the ground, we recommend having a plate or some sort of hard surface for the paint, water, and sponge so they won’t fall over. Feel free to send pictures of how things turned out!

  • Activity: We have heard from some families that children are starting to vocalize missing school. We miss you all too! You can send well wishes to your friends, or write a letter to school to let everyone know how you are feeling. Remember, it’s ok to have a hard feeling. You could tell your child something you might be missing about going to work, and explain that everyone misses things and that we are doing this to help keep each other and our neighbors healthy.


Till tomorrow!


Oak teachers