Good Morning Juneberry Families!
Hope you are caring for yourselves in this trying time. Below you will find the lesson for today.

After viewing the video, please encourage your child to:
  • Search for shapes in the environment surrounding them. Note how interesting it is to see shapes often in unusual things like the way one object lays against another.
  • Talk to your child about spending time together like Nana in the story because you enjoy spending time together no matter what  activity you are doing.
  • Help your child think of something to do to help others in or out of your home like Nana and CJ helped feed the hungry. (Make a card for a neighbor, help with chores or meals, entertain younger sibling are a few ideas)
We want you to remember these lessons are only suggestions for you. If life is a struggle right now please don’t feel obligated to follow this plan. Do what works for you. Let us know if a particular style of presentation is better for your child. We are here to work with you to help your child continue to thrive.