I hope everyone is holding up well these days, there has definitely been a large learning curve for me in learning how to support and nurture my own kiddos for most of the day! Whatever you are figuring out, know that you are doing a great job in supporting yourselves and your families by doing what feels right and what works.
We’re glad to hear that families are enjoying the videos and activity suggestions! The Redbud team is considering hosting a zoom circle time next week, please let us know if that would be something your child would be interested in.
1. Make fruit salad. Fruit salad is a kid friendly food (whose kids don’t love fruit?) and easy to make for little hands. Find the fruits you have available and have your kids chop/slice them up (requires grown up support, of course!) and put them in a bowl. Fruits like bananas and strawberries can be cut with a butter knife,  which gives kids an opportunity to expand their fine motor skills and practice essential kitchen skills. They can pull grapes from the stems and practice their numeracy skills by counting the blueberries they put into the salad.
Pro-tip: Add orange juice to the final product to avoid oxidation aka brown bananas that kids may not want to eat.
2. Have a parade through  your house, yard, or down the block.
 Collect any instruments you have and get ready to march! Practice making fast beats when you walk fast and slow beats and you walk slow. One of our favorite songs to march to at school is Laurie Berkener’s We are the Dinosaurs. Fun additions could be costumes and/or face paints.
Warm regards,
Tyler, for the Redbud team