Good morning everyone!

Teacher Message 

In today’s video, I read Where The Wild Things Are:

At home, please join children and adults from CCS in celebrating the Spring Jubilee from home!  Here’s Justine’s description from the Email Blast, in case you missed it:



Our school’s annual Spring Jubilee is this Friday, May 1st! For years, CCS has held school-wide celebrations like the Spring Jubilee to mark the changing of the seasons. Traditionally, classrooms have made offerings to beautify the school in a way that reflects the emergence of bright colors and greenery outdoors, and we have gathered in the common room to sing spring-themed songs and share a springtime story. Because we are unable to gather physically right now, we are inviting families to celebrate with us in three ways:

  • You can watch a specially-themed Spring Jubilee Singalong video! It will feature Naima reading a story about growth and greenery, and there will be songs featured that we have sung over the years at the Spring Jubilee.

  • We are welcoming families to join us in creating a shared experience by enjoying a picnic lunch on Friday! The current forecast predicts a 50% chance of rain, so there’s an equal chance of eating indoors or outdoors; we’re crossing our fingers for the latter!

  • Assist your little one in creating a flower that can be dropped off at CCS’s front door or sent in the mail to CCS’s address: 1212 South 47th Street, zip code 19143. Your flower can be a drawing, a 3-dimensional rendering made from tissue paper, a pressing of a real flower between two pieces of wax paper ironed out with low heat under a thin cloth, etc. As they arrive at CCS, administrative staff will display them in the common room and share images of how they transform the space. This flower garden will welcome all of us when we are able to return to the school and admire it together.


Reminder:  if you would like to join a Redbud teacher for a short one-on-one Zoom video call with your little one, or would like to have a parent-teacher Zoom meeting to discuss possible strategies to support your child during this time, please send an email to this email address with the following information:

1. Are you requesting a child-teacher or parent-teacher meeting (or both)?

2.  When are you available?  Please give a block of time, like M,W 9:30 – 11:00 am

If you are requesting a child AND a parent meeting please clearly designate times for each.


Thank you,