Hello Redbud families,


 As we approach the end of the school year, we want to tell you how much teaching the Redbud kids, getting to know and partner with families, and being a part of the CCS community has meant to each of us this year.  Thank you all so much.  Our school year officially ends on June 25, so we’ll be ending our online programming then.  Though the end of the school year will feel very different to children this year, we still want to help them mark this transition, and acknowledge the ways they’ve learned, grown, and connected during their year as Redbuds.


CCS Online Event – Thursday, June 25 at Noon

Join families from the whole school for an online event to mark the end of the school year.  More info will follow, but please mark your calendars!


End of Year Project: Make a Crown with Natural Materials

We have a tradition of making crowns for the end of the year Graduation celebration.  We would like to ask families to help their Redbud make a paper crown and decorate it with natural materials (flowers, leaves, even twigs).  We’d also ask that you send us a picture of your child wearing the crown by Friday June 19, so we can include it in a slideshow.  And please wear the crown for the event on June 25!  If you need materials such as cardstock or construction paper and tape, please let us know and we can deliver or mail supplies.  Naima will demonstrate making a crown in her video this Tuesday, June 16.


Counting Down the Days

In other school years, we have counted down the last days of school by showing a calendar of the last school week and marking off each day or by making a paper chain with the number of days left in the school year and tearing off a link of the chain for every day that goes by.  We discussed doing that in our videos, but decided against it because our impression is that some families may be watching videos periodically or out of sequence, so a countdown would be rather confusing for their child.  If watching the videos daily is part of your child’s routine, you may want to try one of the suggestions above to help make the time frame more concrete.


Thank you,


The Redbud Team