Hello, Redbud families:


We on the Redbud teaching team hope that you all have been able to find ways to keep yourselves and your children sound during this trying time. We are aware that this moment is one that may strain us in ways that many of us have never experienced before, and in our efforts to continue to maintain our classroom community we are extending this offer to you: if it is helpful to reach out to us, please do so. We will continue to be resources and supports to you as much as we are able.

In the meantime, as Jarrod mentioned in his email to our school community yesterday (March 15th), we will start providing online programming tomorrow (Tuesday, March 17th) that will consist of

  • One message in which one teacher will address the Redbuds, and

  • At least two activities that will expand upon the themes Redbuds were exploring before school closures.

In addition to this, it may be helpful for you and your little one(s) to maintain a daily schedule that is similar to the one that we kept in our Redbud room; it will provide the children with a consistency that we hope will be stabilizing for them, and it will hopefully alleviate some pressure to come up with ways to keep your Redbuds occupied.

Redbud Schedule
8:30 Play in Learning Areas
9:30 Clean Up and Handwashing
9:45 Snack10:00 Story and Circle
10:20 Yard
11:10 Transition Inside and Handwashing
11:15 Lunch
11:45 Common Room
12:20 Goodbye Circle

Stay tuned for updates from Jarrod and Carrie about activities for children that will include a weekly book club and sing-along; they will also be providing resources for adults about how to manage stress and anxiety during this unique moment, as well as online meetups for CCS adults to communicate with each other.


This is hard, and it will be hard. We also have each other, and we will make it through this together, as a community.

In love, in solidarity,

Your Redbud team