Hello Redbud Families,

We hope you are well!

Teacher Message:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zW57RBPwbo&t=15s

In today’s video I read the book Little Green by Keith Baker, and demonstrate a drawing activity based on the book.

Sensory Play Ideas:

With so many rainy days forecast this week, I wanted to share some simple ideas for sensory play.  One of the benefits of being outside, is that it offers a broad range of sensory experience for young children; during days in the Redbud room that we couldn’t go outside, we would generally try to offer more sensory play indoors.


The first suggestion is for a no-mess sensory activity (after the bottle is tightly sealed!).  At CCS, classrooms would often have sensory bottles in the peace corner, and children would flip them over, watching bubbles form and dissipate.


Oil and Water Sensory Bottle:

  • Pour water into a clear plastic bottle to partially fill.  (At least half way, or more if you want to conserve oil).

  • Fill rest of bottle with oil, leaving a small space at the top.

  • If you have food coloring, squeeze drops into bottle, watching to see how they travel through the oil.

  • Seal lid tightly, adding a drop of glue to the inside of the lid if you have it.


The next suggestion is a messy-play idea and creates a moldable, crumbly dough a bit similar to wet sand or “moon sand”.  You might want to offer it inside a plastic bin with measuring cups or sand molds.


Cloud Dough:

2 c flour

¼ c oil


In a large bowl, combine flour and oil.  Stir ingredients and then knead combination until fully combined.

Take care, everyone! We miss you!