Hello Redbud families,

Today’s teacher message features me and Sock the hand puppet reading Redbud favorite I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!, by Karen Beaumont and David Catrow. We sing and dance to tell the story, so get ready to sing and move!
Today’s suggested activity: as we face yet another grey and rainy day, consider using it to your advantage. Try bringing in some leaves that are wet from the rain and use them to make water prints on paper, or as a makeshift paintbrush to paint water on paper or another kind of surface. If you have washable markers on hand, try drawing first on paper, then painting over it with water using a wet leaf to transform the drawing. There are so many possibilities!
Lastly, a reminder: if you would like to join a Redbud teacher for a short one-on-one Zoom video call with your little one, or would like to have a parent-teacher Zoom meeting to discuss possible strategies to support your little one during this time, please send an email to this email address with the following information:
1. Are you requesting a child-teacher or parent-teacher meeting (or both)?
2.  When are you available?  Please give a block of time, like M,W 9:30 – 11:00 am
If you are requesting a child AND a parent meeting please clearly designate times for each.
Take care everyone, and be well!
-Naima, for Team Redbud