Hello, Redbud families!

In today’s teacher message, I tell a story about a time Sock the hand puppet was feeling frustrated when they were having trouble putting a puzzle together. We talk about how asking for help, taking slow breaths, and singing a song can help us feel better when we’re feeling frustrated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdDj2AjMtus
Today’s suggested activity: in the teacher message, I mention that there are many ways to take a slow breath. In the Redbud room, your kids were so creative coming up with different slow breaths for us to do together: taking “lion breaths” by holding up our hands like claws on the inhalation and roaring softly like a lion on the exhalation; taking “rain breaths” by lifting our hands high on the inhalation and wiggling our fingers as we slowly brought our hands back down on the exhalation; and so on. If you are able to practice taking breaths with your little one in ways that are meaningful to them, it may make it easier for them to remember how to do it when they are experiencing a big feeling. Try it out!
Missing all of you tremendously. Be well, and be safe! Our best,
-Naima for Team Redbud