Hi, Redbud families!

In today’s teacher message, Sock the hand puppet and I have a conversation about the people we love, which includes our Redbud friends! I sing the song “Skinnamarinkydinkydink”, and I ask Redbuds to think about the songs that they like to sing about the people that they love. https://youtu.be/pZ-tMZL1M_o
Today’s suggested activity: Now more than ever, we are all turning to the people in our lives who are precious to us–especially since the ways that we can connect to them have become restricted due to physical distancing. A helpful exercise to do with your little one could be to identify one person whom they love, and think of a way to connect with that person: a phone call, a porch wave, a picture to send in the mail, a pretty flower to put in their mailbox, etc. It can be reassuring to see how many ways we can still connect with our precious people!
Take care and hang tough, everyone. I’m thinking of and missing you all. My best,