Hello, Redbud families:

Today’s teacher message features me and Sock the hand puppet talking about three red roses we counted on the rosebush in our backyard, and we draw those three roses together–with a little bit of help from your Redbud kid, too!
Today’s suggested activity: Today’s video is about practicing a math skill called “one-to-one correspondence”, or assigning one number to one object when counting a set of objects to get an accurate count. You help your little one practice this skill any time you count things with them: their fingers and toes, their stuffed animals, etc. You can also help them hone this skill by helping them match one object to another object in sets: matching tupperware containers to their lids, giving each stuffed animal one book to read, etc. Setting places at the table is a great way to regularly practice one-to-one correspondence, as each person gets one of everything, one plate, one fork, and so on. Try it out!
Updated resource list: Our resources list has been updated to include a Youtube video of Staceyann Chin, a Jamaican activist and poet, and her young daughter, Zuri, as they stage what they call a “living room protest”. You can see and hear the language that Staceyann uses as she and Zuri talk about what the rallying protest cry “no justice, no peace!” means, and watch how she gives Zuri the space and support she needs to participate in that conversation. You can also search Youtube for more of their living room protests–they’re all great models for how to have hard conversations about the many forms of justice with small children.
Additionally, two more local resources have been highlighted: Forest Friends teacher Eliza, who is gathering supplies for FOOD NOT BOMBS, and Sankofa House, which has served as a point of distribution of supplies for our neighborhood.
Sending love, strength, and solidarity to each of you. Stay safe, and stay strong.
A list of all of Redbud’s teacher video messages can be accessed here. Happy viewing!